De-Winterization of Fresh Water Tank

Step 1

Check to verify anode rod is in water heater. (Location of water heater can be found on either exterior sidewall depending on floorplan.)

KZ RV Anode Rod in Water Heater
Anode rod in water heater.

Step 2

Make sure to activate by-pass valve on the back side of water heater. (Valve running parallel with blue hose as pictured.)

KZ RV Water Heater By Pass Valve
By-pass valve.

Step 3

Depending on floorplan there is a siphon hose on the intake side of pump. Place the siphon hose in a 5 gallon container of water, open valve on hose and start pump to rinse antifreeze out of pump.

Step 4

When container is empty, shut off valve on siphon hose and turn pump off.

KZ RV Docking Station Sticker
Follow proper valve setting found on docking station sticker.

Step 5

Hook water hose up to docking station and set the plumbing manifold valves to appropriate settings to run water through lines, faucets and toilet. When water from faucets appear clear shut off hose.

Step 6

Open low point drain on fresh water tank lines. (Located near fresh water tank.) Turn water manifold to proper setting to fill tank. Use the gravity fill if your unit does not have a docking station. Run water through the tank until water is running clear, out of low point valves.

KZ RV Docking Station Sticker
Connection to fresh water tank.

Step 7

Close low point drain valves.

Step 8

Open up by pass valve to allow water heater tank to fill. Do not turn on water heater until tank is full. To test for water in water heater, activate pressure relief valve (pulling upward on valve) if water is present, the tank is full and ready to turn on.

KZ RV Water Heater Open By Pass Valve
By-pass valve.
KZ RV Pressure Relief Valve
Pressure relief valve.

Step 9

Your water system is ready to use.