Extrusions & Vents

Venture RV Maintenance Tips extrusions and vents

All extrusions and vents on the exterior of your RV have some kind of “butyl tape” between the mounting flange or surface and the roof to keep water from leaking in. Additional sealant, or “Self-Leveling,” is used along the edges of extrusions and can act as a top surface sealant. All sealants are exposed to weather elements like UV rays, rain, snow, cold, heat, air pollution, frost, and other exposures that cause dry-out, shrinkage, and possible cracking. That’s why self-leveling sealant must be examined every year, preferably each spring and fall.

Check for looseness, cracking, and separation from any surface. Any defects such as these must be repaired to avoid water damage.

Windows, entrance doors, and cargo doors use a black closed-cell foam tape and an inside butyl tape that also may deteriorate over time.

For a list of suggested sealants, refer to your owner’s manual.