Inspect Water Heater

KZ RV Maintenance Tips inspect water heater

Be sure to shut off the water heater and clean any cobwebs or other debris off the main burner tube and other parts of the system. You should inspect the grommet around the propane copper line entry through the heater jacket at least twice a year. It must be sealed to prevent fumes of carbon monoxide or any leaked propane from entering the coach.

Inspect all wire connections at least once a year, checking for damaged, loose, or frayed wires. The flames in the burner tube should be blue, or blue with orange, and should burn in a defined pattern. If the flames are yellow and burn erratically, they need to be adjusted by a service technician.

The anode rod will deteriorate over time as it absorbs impurities and contaminants in the water that could damage the tank. To extend the life of the anode rod, drain the water from the tank whenever the RV is not in use. Be sure to replace the anode rod as it deteriorates in order to extend the life of the tank.