Locate Leaks in Plumbing System

Venture RV Maintenance Tips locate leaks in plumbing system

To determine if you have a leak, first fill the fresh water tank, then fill the system with water. If the pump cycles within five to ten minutes, two or three times, search for a water leak.

If your coach has an icemaker or water filter, check those connections. Also, check connections such as elbows and tees under or behind cabinets and under sinks/faucets.

If the contents of the toilet are leaking, the source may be the valve. Also, check the gasket at the bottom of the bowl, which could be allowing water to keep draining into the tank.

In some models, flush kits are available to clean the black holding tank. They are designed to clean and rinse your tank, but never attempt to flush the tank without draining it first.

For maintenance information on your holding tanks or on how to sanitize your portable water system, refer to the instructions in your owner’s manual.