Lubricate Toy Hauler Door

Venture RV Maintenance Tips lubrication of toy hauler door hinges

The door hinge assemblies on toy hauler ramp doors require lubrication.

If the ramp door was manufactured by Lippert Components (LCI), it has two bar locks that require padlocks. Lubricate the hinges every month with good-quality moisture and heat resistant grease.

If the ramp door was manufactured by Challenger Door, it has two latch handles with keyed locks, and its hinge assembly requires a light silicone spray for lubrication.

Ramp doors manufactured by MORryde have an internal lock mechanism on the rear door side and no visible springs or hinges. These require SAE-30 weight non-detergent motor oil.

Apply some of the oil onto the shaft/bearing and work the door up and down a couple of times.