Maintenance Schedule

You’ve made an investment in your RV, now it’s important that the RV is maintained to prolong its lifespan and make your trips more enjoyable. You may also find the maintenance schedule printed in your Owner’s Manual.

Description Inspect/Test Before Each Trip Every 3 Months Every 6 Months Yearly As Required by Manufacturer As Reqd. by Mfr.
Axle and springs X   X    
Batteries X   X    
Brakes X   X X  
Check all appliances for proper operation X   X    
Check operation of windows, latches and hinges   X      
Check, clean and tighten battery cables   X      
Clean exhaust fan filter and blades   X      
Clean the roof ducted air conditioner filter(s)   X      
Exterior lighting X     X  
Fresh water system X     X  
Have all appliances serviced         X
Have the heat and ignition inspected by a qualified technician     X    
Inspect and reseal shower area, where necessary   X      
Inspection of roof seams and joints (performed by an authorized service center suggested)     X    
LP gas system X        
Lubricate exterior door hinges and latches with a graphite (silicone) lubricant   X      
Pigtail connection X     X  
Roof sealant   X      
Roof vents   X      
Rotate tires, as recommended by the tire manufacturer         X
Safety breakaway switch operation X     X  
Sanitize the fresh water system X     X  
Seals – doors, windows, vents, external seams   X      
Sidewall sealants   X      
Test smoke alarm and LP detector X        
Tire lug nuts (after initial 500 mile check) X        
Tires (condition and pressure) X       X
Underbelly, check for tears or leaks     X    
Water level X   X    
Wax and buff all gel-coat surfaces (as described in owner’s guide – where applicable)       X  
Wheel bearings     X   X