Propane (LP) System Leak Inspections

KZ RV Maintenance Tips inspect propane system for leaks before camping season

As spring approaches, you should plan to have your RV’s propane system inspected for any leaks before you begin your camping season.

DISCLAIMER: We recommend this work be done by a trained technician, unless you have the proper equipment and full understanding of how to perform this test. Your dealership may offer a spring maintenance special and can perform this service for you.

WARNING: If a leak is found, due to safety concerns, repairs MUST be made before using your coach.

The best way to test the system is with a manometer. Another option is to apply soapy water that does not contain chlorine or ammonia on the brass fittings. Bubbles will indicate a leak.

The LP system includes all copper lines, brass fittings to each appliance, hoses, the regulator, and steel manifold lines with attached brass fittings.

During the propane system inspection:

  • Propane regulators must have a vent installed at the 6 o’clock position and must be able to breath.
  • Pressure needs to be set at 11" water column. A manometer or U-tube must be used to perform this test and adjustment.
  • If a flame on your stove goes too high and then suddenly drops down, your regulator may be contaminated by fuel sediments. The only option is to replace it.
  • If the pressure is too high, it affects performance, efficiency, and safety. If the pressure is too low, your appliances will not operate correctly.

NOTE: Use a pipe dope on black pipe or pipe with steel threads, and use Teflon tape on brass fittings.