Springs & Shackles

Venture RV Maintenance Tips springs and shackles

All suspension components should be inspected every six months, or 6,000 miles. Check for loose fasteners, and torque the wheels to the proper specs, found in your owner’s manual.

Springs do not require maintenance other than an inspection for anything that is broken or cracking. You can help prevent rust by painting the springs and other components. If springs are broken, replace them immediately.

Bolts and shackle plates should be inspected once per travel season, or before a long trip. There are serrations inside the shackle bolts that prevent the bolt head from turning or moving. If these serrations are damaged or worn, the shackles, bolts, and bushings must all be replaced.

When replacing these components, hold the bolt head and only turn the nut until the back side of the bolt head hits the shackle. DO NOT tighten it any further.