Winterize Refrigerator

Venture RV Maintenance Tips winterize refrigerator

Before storing your RV for the winter, you should perform maintenance on the refrigerator. Every fall, defrost and clean the refrigerator and winterize the icemaker; here’s how:

After you turn off your fridge, remove everything inside and give it time to defrost. Then, eliminate any water that accumulates. Defrosting is important in order to maximize cooling efficiency.

To clean the refrigerator, wash it completely. We suggest leaving the door open to allow everything to dry. NOTE: Do not use abrasive cleaners, chemicals, or scouring pads because they can damage the interior.

To winterize the icemaker, close the vehicle water supply valve to the icemaker. Then, push the icemaker arm up until it locks into the OFF position. Remove the garden hose adapter from the water solenoid valve. Next, remove the icemaker line from the water solenoid valve. Do not unwrap the water line heater wires from around the water solenoid valve. Then, drain all of the water from both the water supply line and the icemaker water line. Put the end of the water supply line, the end of the icemaker water line, and the water solenoid valve into separate, clean plastic bags. Use tape to close each bag around the water lines and the water solenoid valve.

To use the icemaker in the spring, reverse the process.

We suggest you unplug the 120 volt plug, if possible, and the 12 volt DC terminals during the winter or any other period of time when it’s not in use.