Trip App

KZ RV Trip App shown on Smartphone Screen

The free KZ RV app lets you log more miles with less trials!

Go ahead and live the dream... the KZ RV app simplifies your journey, delivering what you had in mind when you bought your RV—your time to enjoy. Spend less time managing routine tasks and more time enjoying the great outdoors with the people (and pets!) who matter most.

Custom made for all KZ and Venture owners (even if your unit isn’t new), the app keeps just about everything on your smart phone... which means the search for sticky notes and tattered folders is over!

The KZ RV app...

  • ✓ Helps with trip planning
  • ✓ Provides handy checklists, so you don’t forget anything
  • ✓ Keeps track of maintenance and service
  • ✓ Sends smart notifications
  • ✓ Includes digital owner’s manuals
  • ✓ Features brand-specific news and updates

The KZ RV app is available for free download via the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS.

Adventure with Confidence

Relax, we thought of everything; Packing and to-do lists let you travel with peace of mind

  • ✓ Trip preparation checklists remind you what to take
  • ✓ Arrival checklists help you set up camp for a blissful stay
  • ✓ Homeward journey checklists make for a smooth return trip

Manage the Maintenance / Maximize the Memories

  • ✓ Preventive and scheduled maintenance are part of the deal, because you need to know about tire pressure, smoke alarms, winterizing, and a whole lot more
  • ✓ Maintenance checklists tell you what needs to be done and when, with smart notifications
  • ✓ Store service provider contact info, and you can even rank them
  • ✓ Keep your service and maintenance history, including dates, costs, providers and service details

Conquer the Details

  • ✓ Be the first to receive brand-specific news and updates
  • ✓ Access your digital owner’s manual
  • ✓ Get smart notifications for ownership details, like when license and registration fees are due

It Keeps Getting Better... Future Updates will Include

  • ✓ Roadside assistance
  • ✓ How-to guides
  • ✓ ...and much more

Download the free KZ RV app today (available in Canada this coming summer)! For more information, visit