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Plan Several Camping Trips

Venture RV Cabin Fever Cure Family Planning Camping Trips

Inclement weather can’t stop YOU. Planning can happen inside on the sofa while the wind and snow blow. Winter is the perfect time to work on summer plans for camp outs. Check out state/national parks that are RV friendly online. There are SO many places to be explored... get those plans rolling!

Fireside Camp Out

Venture RV Cabin Fever Cure Fireside Campout

Winter is the best time for an inside fireside camp out. Set up around your fireplace, or just create the mood with candles if you don’t have one. Dress for camping and even throw down the sleeping bags and pillows. S’mores and hot cocoa or hot spicy cider are always a favorite. Prep some picnic type foods if you want to make a whole day of it. Get creative and have FUN!

Indoor Fort

Venture RV Cabin Fever Cure Indoor Fort

Not just for kids. Everyone loves a good indoor fort. Grab chairs and sheets or blankets and pillows and start building. Set it up in front of the TV for a video game marathon, or climb inside with a flashlight and a good book. And DON’T forget the SNACKS!

Pretend Summer Day

Venture RV Cabin Fever Cure Pretend Summer

Forget about the cold! Turn up the heat a little and put on some Bob Marley. Tell the family it’s summer today and serve fruit drinks or smoothies to everyone. Make sure you (all) dress for the heat – shorts, t-shirts and flip flops... and don’t forget the sunglasses!

Teach Yourself (and the kids) Animal Tracks

Venture RV Cabin Fever Cure Animal Tracks Fun

Learn to identify animal tracks like a pro with online resources, field guides and even games. Mud is one of the best molds for capturing perfect animal tracks, so springtime is your friend. Looking for a fun way to get the kids interested? Check out one of great games by Gary D. Robson and Robert Rath, “Who Pooped in the Northwoods? - Scat and Tracks for Kids” or “Who Pooped in the Park? - Scat and Tracks for Kids” featuring several National Parks. Find the game that is right for your region OR for an area you plan to visit this summer!

Indoor Obstacle Course

Hint: set up no more than 10 stations/activities.

Venture RV Cabin Fever Cure Kids-Indoor Obstacle Course

Here are a few ideas to get you started (vary for age level):

Stone Soup (Friendship Soup)

Venture RV Cabin Fever Cure Stone Soup Veggies Party

The old, old folk story of “Stone Soup” seems like a fun place to start a new tradition. Turn it into a party!! Have each invited guest bring a vegetable (of their choice) to contribute to the cook pot. (You can probably skip the stone part.) Begin with a simple broth and have each guest add their contribution themselves. Be sure to cook the raw veggies until soft before adding canned items. Precook some chicken to add to the mix if desired. Serve with fresh rolls straight from the oven! (Hint: be sure to have extra vegetables on hand for those who don't bring something or to even it out if too many bring the same thing.

Plan a Garden!

Venture RV Cabin Fever Cure Garden Planning

Big or small, a garden can be a great adventure for all ages. Whether it’s just for you, or there are kids to involve, early spring is the perfect time to build some excitement and hash out a plan. Pull out the garden magazines or sales catalogs, a pad of paper, scissors & glue stick and jump right in! If it’s too early to start prepping the area outside, try starting a few things inside for fun. Get the whole family involved to make it interesting for everyone. Let the little ones choose flowers and veggies from catalogs to cut out and “create” their own idea for a garden. Pick one from each to add to the family garden! But most importantly... be sure to HAVE FUN!

“Go Fly a Kite”

Venture RV Cabin Fever Cure Kids Flying Kites

It may still be a bit on the chilly side in many areas to start the summer camping season, but you can kick that “cabin fever” to the curb... get outside and fly a kite. Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of the wind. Let it blow a load of fun into your day while you hone your kite flying skills! (P.S. It’s not JUST for kids.)

Find the Little Artist Within...

Venture RV Cabin Fever Cure Spring Sidewalk Chalk Art

Spring is a great time to plan a few quick outside activities for family and friends. Grab a bucket of sidewalk chalk and find a spot to draw or write messages. Have the kids draw pictures and write messages to friends or family coming to visit, have friends/family “sign in” with a chalk message of their own, or just bring some spring color to your neighborhood and a fun surprise to passersby (Again... P.S. It’s not JUST for kids!)