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2020 Stratus Construction

2019 Venture RV Stratus Travel Trailer Cutaway
  1. PVC roof material
  2. 3/8" Walkable roof material
  3. 4 3/8" Truss rafter 16" OC
  4. R-14 Residential fiberglass insulation
  5. Vinyl interior ceiling panel
  6. Aerodynamic front profile
  7. Hitch light
  8. Carbon fiber pattern rock guard
  9. Easy-view LP tank cover
  10. Vinyl decorative interior board
  11. Expanded R-7 polystyrene
  12. Tinted safety glass windows
  13. Luan structure board
  14. High-gloss exterior fiberglass (available in red, white, blue, gray)
  15. Radius exterior door w/screen-shot screen door
  16. Large assist grab handle
  17. Carbon fiber pattern accented slideout ends
  18. 360-Degree radiant foil barrier
  19. 13.5K A/C standard – 15K A/C opt.
  20. Ladder
  21. 3 1/2" Downspout
  22. Rain gutter
  23. Secure Stance angled jack w/blue LED lights
  24. Flip-up aluminum Trek step
  25. BAL huck-bolted frame
  26. Wide Trek axles
  27. Nitrogen-filled 15" radial tires
  28. High-polished aluminum rims
  29. Undershield® insulated, heated & enclosed underbelly
  30. Residential duct heating
  31. Darco moisture barrier
  32. 2" x 3" Floor joist 16" OC
  33. 5/8" Tongue & groove plywood
  34. Residential carpet
  35. Residential-grade linoleum
  36. Self-adjusting brakes
  37. Prewire for solar
  38. Prewire for backup camera
  39. Enclosed gate valves
  40. * * Campfire Café exterior kitchen includes sink, cooktop, fridge (varies by F/P)

NXG Frame

  • NXG Frame Logo

    The NXG Frame is a superior quality, highly engineered frame that provides customers with a strong, lightweight, consistent foundation on which to build.

    nxg lightweight travel trailer frame
    • Frame failures due to sub-standard steel
    • Construction issues caused by improperly placed components
    • Uneven main rails - varying camber
    • Corrosion caused by incomplete coverage due to painting of stacked frame assemblies
    • Paint failures caused by inadequately washed components
    • Constructed with HSLA - High Strength Low Alloy Prime Steel with specifically controlled properties
    • Designed to accommodate both fifth wheel and travel trailer configurations
    • CNC controlled rail fabrication allows placement of components precisely where the manufacturer wants them
    • Manual welding is minimized. Common components are robotically welded for consistent quality
    • All fastened components are joined with Huck® fasteners. Huck fasteners provide consistent clamp load
    • CNC controlled camber

NXG Slide

  • NXG Slide Logo

    BAL has set the new standard in slide-out technology with the award winning ‘NXG SLIDE’ rack drive slide-out. The NXG SLIDE system provides an unmatched level of durability and precision that was not available in older generations of slide-out mechanisms. Due to the systems rigidity and tightness, a user should experience years of trouble-free performance. All components of the NXG SLIDE mechanism are individually coated with highly effective corrosion-resistant e-coat or plating for extended life of the slide-out drive. Required maintenance is limited to periodic cleaning and lubrication of the main drive arms of the system. For additional information regarding the NXG SLIDE or other BAL products, please visit

  • nxg travel trailer slideout system secure connections
    nxg travel trailer easy adjustment
    nxg travel trailer arched design